Starting over

Hello to all aspiring and accomplished writer and authors out there. I am S. Meadows, and I am here to write, read, share, and learn with you.

My favorite genre to write is dystopian fiction. Authors and their works that inspire me include: Chaos Walking (Patrick Ness), the Red Rising trilogy (Pierce Brown), Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card), The Giver (Lois Lowry), and Wool (Hugh Howey).

What books and authors inspire you to write?

I started attempting to write as an undergraduate in college, during a very snowy, very boring, winter break and ended up writing a 100K + word novel in two months. Needless to see it was awful, but I solicited agents anyway and was beyond excited to get 1 full manuscript request after handfuls of rejections. The full request also ended in a rejection, but the agent called me personally to give me the news and encourage me to continue writing.

For me, failure is motivation. If you fall down, always get back up, otherwise accepting failure and trying again becomes habit. I kept all of my rejection snail mail, emails, and even the old query letters and that first manuscript. Sometimes I read them, because it gives me that spark I felt when I first pursued writing to be published. That spark of excitement and dream of what could be.

So today I am starting over. I used to network with other writes on Blogger, under the pseudonym T.J. Carson: and now I am starting a new writing blog on WordPress.

And while this is a big starting over to undertake (i.e., rebuilding connections and making new ones), it is not the only starting over I am referring to…

Getting down to writing business, for a week now I have been starting a new WIP over and over again. Balancing your eagerness to begin something new with creating something of quality is definitely a challenge. I cannot wait for characters and story to whisk me away, but I also need to be aware of my strategy with each word I type.

Where is this going? How will this story line fit in with the other characters? Do I need to create illusions that will set up future plot twists?

It is easy to get lost in the fantasy world and forget about the actual words you are writing, which is why I have started over several times. And I do not want to jinx it, but I think I am starting to find that balance.

What are some struggles you have experienced with starting a new WIP?




2 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. DL Hammons says:

    Talk about a blast from the past! It’s so great to see that you’ve found your way back to your writing roots. You, more than most, know how hard it is to balance the passion for prose with a full-time career, and it will be interesting to watch you find your way through.

    Very glad to see (read) you again! 🙂


    • S. Meadows says:

      DL! It’s great to see you again!!! Haha, and I know, right? It’s been at least 4 years. Things became super busy with my last 2 years of school and then starting a full-time job and applying for grad school. I’m happy to have found that balance once again to get back to writing, and back to the writing community!!! It’s so great to hear from you 😀 I can’t wait to read what you’ve been up to!


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