Cake & Connections

I am involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, a nonprofit devoted to providing children facing adversity with a strong, supportive relationships. Through BBBS, I have a little sister and we get together to do fun things like go to the aquarium, kayak, watch scary movies, study, and other fun things. On Sunday, after attending a BBBS event, we decided to bake a MASSIVE cake.

My little found this great ombre cake design on Pinterest so we decided to something similar. We hoped to cover it in icing roses, but our icing wasn’t firm enough to hold the shape so we are freezing the whole thing until we can figure out what else to add to it to make it AWESOME.

Needless to say it was a great day. Haha, but we need to figure out how to put the finishing touches on this thing. Does anyone have recommendations?

In writing news, I have been working most of this weekend to establish a Twitter account and start meeting new bloggers on WordPress. I’d love to start getting to know other writers so please feel free to reach out and tell me about yourself or make some book recommendations.

Looking forward to meeting new people and living new stories!